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Winters Products Now Come with UPC's

Winters' pressure gauges and thermometers now ship with UPC's on the box and on the product.  These UPC's now make it easier to identify instrumentation on the shelf or installed in applications.  Simply enter the UPC number here and view a description of the product and its part number.


If your company has a UPC scanner and would like to receive a file with Winters' UPC's, please contact your local Winters representative .


Winters' PLT UPC
Winters Pressure and Temperature Test Kits

Winters Pressure and Temperature Kits

Winters now offers a number of pressure and temperature kits from stock.  Test kits are suited for plumbing and HVAC contractors and inspectors to monitor pressure and temperature and to detect system leaks


The PLT Low Pressure Test Kit incorporates sensitive diaphragm sensing technology and is available in ranges of 0 to 15 in.w.c., 0 to 35 in.w.c. or 0 to 100 in.w.c.  The gauges have a re-zero option with external recalibration screw for in-field adjustment.  PLPT & PGWT Low Pressure Gas and Low Pressure Gas and Water Test Kits are also available, as well as the PTK Pressure and Temperature Test Kit.  Each kit comes in a molded plastic case for added durability and safe handling.


All kits are CRN registered and come with Winters' 5 year warranty .

Winters Pressure and Temperature Test Kits
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